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It was a big project indeed. This is the first time I have designed a complete brand guideline. Starting from company mission-vision, persona, design guidelines along with photography, audio-visual, and tone of voice. It took time to finish it because a running business that is being communicated according to a certain guideline. But I was assigned to rethink everything and set the right positioning and approach. That’s why I had to work and experiment a lot to come up with a solution. There was no rebranding(event/announcement) because already a rebranding has been done a year ago. So I had to adjust to the situation for fixing and rearranging everything in a very subtle way. I learned a lot about brand and guidelines, especially how to turn a fully-operational brand without having a big impact on customers. Here I should mention one thing that this guideline is not locked yet by the top management, though it has been maintaining following for the last two years(So plz don’t share it. Use it as a portfolio item). Thanks for your time

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