Visual Design &


A visual designer, the core of who I am and what I do with passion. Blending my skills, senses, and care with a brand, product or communication is my hobby and connecting with its audiences is my goal. I have a good working profile in visual design, brands, and technology.  I have been honored to have a degree (B.F.A) in graphic design from the University of Dhaka.


Directing or leading a team/project is another story.

Brand Positioning &


There have to be some sort of rules that help a brand to hold the position or flourish its image consistently to its audiences. During the communication, there are tons of possibilities to cross/mess up with the fine lines, especially when many agencies get involved with a brand, and lots of creative personnel get involved with different thought processes. So there must be some guidelines/guardians that can keep the brand streamlined and consistent.


A brand guy should always remember the core values of the brand, and always respect and reflect on what the brand stands for.

Brand &


A “seed” is always simple and small, but making it a “full-grown tree” is tremendously difficult and time-consuming. It needs lots of consistent effort throughout, passion to carry forward, and tons of matrix to thrive. A pure and positive social impact is a must that will lead the brand to its ultimate vision.


Strategy comes later with tons of matrix while doing the communication. The deep understanding you have regarding your audience, the better strategies you can come up with for The brand & communication.